Update: December 2011

I've been busy at the drawing table for the past three months since the end of the boating (and photography) season. Commissioned work includes two watercolors and whole bunch of pen-and-ink home portraits. My favorite subject matter continues to be boats and their reflections. I've developed a particular fascination with the yellow Gloucester dories. To me they are nearly as iconic as the Fisherman himself, or Gloucester's "motif", the old paint factory. I had the good luck to find three of them rafted together in Smith Cove on one of my early-morning dinghy expeditions last summer, and got a ton of great photos with the golden light and calm water. Rowing the dories is a local pastime and I've gotten some good reference photos of them in action. So far I've produced five paintings (recently) featuring yellow dories. They will be posted on this site soon, once the camera work is done (thank you, Anne!). One of these was commissioned by my biggest fan and promoter, Diane Rule-Enos, for her husband Jay, and is now in their private collection. The others will be for sale this summer.

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