New Year, New Start: Welcome 2014!

It's been a while since I've added content to my site. 2013 was a turbulent year. For my real estate business, it was The Spring Market Gone Wild. My volume nearly doubled from 2012 to 2013. I got some painting done early in the year but after that, I could only find the time to produce pen and ink home portraits for all my sales. During the summer months when I usually get to relax, this year it was tough. On the phone and on the computer, too much of my downtime was invaded by business. The result: precious little photography got done. I was simply too tired to find the energy. But out of busy comes money. I am thankful for that. 

Personally, I had a rough year. Both my father and mother passed within 8 months of each other. Dad died March 1 after only a two-week illness. Mom left us on October 28 after a brief decline resulting from metastesized melanoma. Thank God both of them lived long enough to see my artwork develop as far as it has. They nurtured it from Day One. Both of them were talented, creative people. They taught me the value of creating art, a love of being busy and diligent about it, and a solid sense of self-esteem that will be with me always. They enjoyed over 60 years together, checked off every item on their bucket list, were close to all four of us, all ten grandchildren, and two great-grands. Theirs were lives well lived. 

Although I miss them terribly, time goes on. I received a modest inheritance, which has allowed us to make a downpayment on a second home in Gloucester. I know they would support this investment. It's a huge step towards "living the dream", to be a working artist on Cape Ann. So if all goes as planned, we will close on 51 Witham Street on Feb. 25. It's 3/10 of  a mile to Good Harbor Beach. I can look forward to many great photo ops being so near by. We plan to rent it weekly for most of the summer while we continue to live on the boat. In the off-season we will use it ourselves. Eventually, we'll retire there.

Meanwhile, in the studio I have decided to conquer oil painting. Although I love watercolor the most, I am keenly aware that the big money always goes to the oil paintings. Now that owning a house in Gloucester is becoming a reality, I must find a way to afford to live there. Selling paintings for more money will help. I am currently working on a series of Good Harbor sunrise landscapes from photos I have taken over the years. This ties in with buying Witham Street which is exciting beyond words to live so near the beach. I will get them on the site as they are completed. 

Gallery plans for the summer are a bit up in the air. I expect to return to the Gallery at the Accommodations on Rocky Neck. I will be exhibiting at the North Shore Art Association. There is some uncertainty as to whether the Khan Studio will re-open on the Madfish Wharf but if it does I hope to be there, too. Stay tuned!