June 2012: Galleries Open in Gloucester!

It's been a bit insane getting my work in place but I'm finally up and running in three locations for Summer 2012! I'm proud to be a new member of the Rocky Neck Gallery, which is a co-op located at 53 Rocky Neck Ave. next to The Rudder (restaurant) right on Smith Cove in Gloucester Harbor. I'm just getting to know my fellow artists but it's a friendly and creative group. My obligation is to work there every other Saturday morning from 11-3 starting on June 16th. I did one shift on June 1 for the Spring Show and thoroughly enjoyed just being there and feeling like an offical part of the Rocky Neck scene!

Most exciting of all is my own little gallery which is at the Accommodations at Rocky Neck. Thanks to proprietor Mona Faherty, I have the entire wall in her office where she checks in guests for the Accommodations. Once a gallery, there is already track lighting and white walls. I've got nine paintings hanging plus notecards and postcards for sale. It is at 43 Rocky Neck Ave. right next to the Imagine Gallery. I've even got my own sign "Deb's Art Gallery" out at the sidewalk. If you decide to come up to Gloucester, I highly recommend calling Mona for a room. (978-381-9848) or visit rockyneckaccommodations.com. They all have water views and are efficiency-style. Very reasonably priced for being waterfront. The first Thursday of every summer month is "Nights on the Neck", an open-house type of event with musical performances and a gallery stroll. The first one was last Thursday. I went up and sat in my gallery and got to  meet many locals as well as tourists. It was all a wonderful experience.

This is my first year as an official "Artist Member" of the North Shore Arts Association. I currently have one watercolor hanging in Exhibit II. Helped hang that exhibit last week for another great networking opportunity.

Coming up in July, I am the Guest Artist at the Khan Studio/Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, also on Rocky Neck Ave. near the Madfish Grille. Dates on that: July 20 through around August 16.